Sep 17

Hall of Books – site refresh and the HoBlog!

Hall of Books – HoBlog and refresh

Hall of Books Chrislands site - HoBlog

Our original website – www.hallofbooks.com – was developed over a year ago. We used the Chrislands off-the-shelf hosted e-commerce package to get us started and to help us learn the ropes regarding online selling. This approach has been very effective and we have sold a wide range of secondhand books and sheet music through the site over the last twelve months. It has also helped us establish an extensive?inventory?and has allowed us to organise the photographs that we take as efficiently as possible. We now have a considerable number of books listed online, with photographs, and www.hallofbooks.com functions as both an inventory management system for us, as well as an easy to use e-commerce solution for our customers.

Hall of Books – Google and ordering online

However, we have become aware that we are missing out on several things. Firstly, because our original site is a .com site hosted in America, the search engines see it as a US site first and foremost. This is great for our US business, but it tends to ignore the fact that we are actually based in Shropshire, UK. Secondly, we wanted to publish?a blog and develop a separate online presence to help improve our UK rankings with Google, Bing etc. So we have developed this blogsite – the HoBlog.?This is very much a UK site, hosted in the UK by webspaceunlimited. It is not an e-commerce site but is closely linked to www.hallofbooks.com?for the fulfilment of orders, as well as to our accounts at Abe Books, Amazon and Green Metropolis. Green Metropolis is a charitable site set up to ensure that paperback books get recycled while donating money to a number of well-regarded charities. We will develop further links when we set up new accounts with other online vendors – eBay is in the pipeline.

Hall of Books – Website – Refresh

HoBlog site masthead

We have also taken the opportunity to refresh our sites with a new look, using our ?own logo and colour scheme rather than the original design provided by Chrislands. As always with these things it is a work in progress and we will continue to tinker with the look and feel of both our blog and our website to try and make them both more effective and interesting.

Hall of Books – The HoBlog

Hall of Books favicon image

So, what can you expect from the HoBlog??We have created the new blogsite to capture our ramblings and musings, and to keep them separate from the more serious aspects of our e-commerce site. ?We have also taken advantage of the technology to include more and varied photographs to illustrate the various postings that we make, as well as links to other sites and items of interest. If you would like to know where we have acquired some of our stock, how sales are going, our thoughts on certain aspects of technology, or just mad rants when the frustrations get too much, they will all appear here. It is an occasional blog and will be published as and when we have something to say, rather than just posting for the sake of it. Let us know what you think.


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