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Nov 22

Two Years In Oswestry Indoor Market

French Countryside Cooking

Two Years 22nd November 2014 and we’ve been in Oswestry Indoor Market for a whole two years! Another interesting year has flown by and Christmas is just around the corner yet again. Sales are starting to increase, both online and in the Market, as people complete their festive shopping, and we look forward to the …

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Mar 29

Welsh Language Books


Welsh Language Books Being right next to the Welsh border we often find a number of Welsh Language Books in the collections we acquire, and, occasionally, we are offered whole Welsh Language collections. Inevitably, given the strong Chapel tradition across the border, a number of these books have a religious flavour but it is surprising …

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Nov 29


Rudeness - shop

Rudeness. Well I guess you have to expect is occasionally when you’re dealing with the public and I know there’s an English obsession with ‘Please’ and ‘Than-you’ – common courtesies that seem to have become increasingly eroded in this text-and-internet age. But what I’m really talking about is deliberate rudeness. To your face. From people …

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Nov 27

Twelve Months In Oswestry Indoor Market

Hall of Books in Oswestry Indoor Market

Twelve Months In Oswestry Indoor Market! Doesn’t time fly? We moved in exactly twelve months ago today. And what a year it has been. We’ve sold books, we’ve bought books and we’ve made friends. We had no real idea what to expect when we decided to move into the market. There had been a bookshop …

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Aug 16

Lovely, lovely books!

The Wounded Knee Massacre: From The Viewpoint Of The Sioux

Just like Christmas. We have acquired some lovely, lovely books recently. It’s a bit like Christmas really, you’re never quite sure what to expect when you drive out to visit someone and view their collection. Some real excitement builds up as you anticipate what you might find. Sometimes it’s a bit disappointing but on other …

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Jun 13

Iain Banks – R.I.P.

Iain Banks

?Iain Banks – a personal favourite A lot of column inches have been written about the sudden and untimely death of Iain Banks, one of the UK’s most successful author’s. However, we just wanted to record our own own sadness at his passing as he was one of our favourite writers. The Wasp Factory Many …

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May 15

Six Months In Oswestry Indoor Market

Powis Hall, Bailey Head

Oswestry Indoor Market, The Bailey Head, Oswestry Six months in Oswestry Indoor Market! It has flown by and we now find ourselves in Spring 2013, although you could be forgiven for thinking it is still Winter given the state of the weather. First time in Retail This is our first ever venture into retail and, …

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Mar 16

Press Coverage


Press Coverage – Hall of Books Since opening up in Oswestry Indoor Market we have been lucky enough to get some press coverage. I’m not sure I’m the most photogenic bookseller in the UK (and goodness only knows why the photographer got me to look up like this – perhaps to hide my double-chin) but …

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Feb 02

Oswestry Indoor Market

Hall of Books in Oswestry Indoor Market

Oswestry Indoor Market – New Secondhand Bookshop   We recently opened a small bookshop in Oswestry Indoor Market, offering both secondhand books and sheet music. Oswestry Indoor Market has just won the national prize for the UK’s best Council-run Market. The shop has around 5,000 titles on display covering a range of genres and subject …

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Jan 30

Private Collection – Naval History and WW2 Memoirs

Fred Kellett

WW2 History and Naval Memoirs One of the great things about being here in Oswestry Indoor Market is the fact that people constantly offer us books. We’re always grateful and we do occasionally buy a few, but the reality is that the majority are the usual paperbacks and Reader’s Digest tomes which, sadly, we have …

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